Factory Supply Co. brand products feature original graphics inspired by hot rod culture, vintage character trademarks and advertising. All of our Factory Supply Co. products feature the design and illustration work of Mark Dulmadge and his Calgary based graphic design company, Storm Design Inc. Our brands include Torque Brothers, Vintage Evil, Older & Wiser, Brat Rods and Hot Rod Girl.

Some of our designs are licensed to US based sign companies and are available through their websites:
Desperate Enterprises - designs include Torque Brothers, Vintage Evil, Older & Wiser, Stumpy Pete and Rooster Brand Coffee
Past Time Signs - our Factory Supply Co. product line includes steel signs, thermometers and clocks

Besides our online store, our designs are sold at hot rod and motorcycle events across Canada. Visit our Facebook page, Blog and Twitter page for updates on our show schedule. We also add updates for new designs and products throughout the year.